Culture, Art, and Technology

Sixth College



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Sixth College offers two opportunities for teaching assistants: the Core Sequence (CAT 1, 2 and 3) and the upper-division writing requirement (CAT 125).  Sixth College provides many professional development opportunities in 21st century pedagogy for graduate TAs.

Core Sequence - CAT 1, 2 and 3: Culture, Art and Technology
All three courses in the Culture, Art and Technology Core Sequence deal with the causes and implications of change in society. We discuss questions such as these: How do we shape the world, and how does the world shape us? How do art and technology reveal, as well as influence, culture? What ethical questions are raised by artifacts, environments,  institutions, and interactions? Why does historical perspective matter?

As a writing program, the Core Sequence focuses in the fall on the skills required for reading at the college level; in winter we focus on writing as a set of argumentative strategies; and in Spring we concentrate on collaborative project-based learning and undergraduate research opportunities.

Under the guidance of the Core Sequence administrators and the faculty, our TAs lead discussion sections to help students understand the lectures, readings, and other course materials from a variety of disciplines and involving many different media (often including art, film, video, and music). They also spend a large amount of section time on helping students learn, understand, and practice specific skills in writing.

For all three quarters, TAs are required to grade student work, to hold regular office hours, and to attend the course lectures as well as weekly planning meetings. A 50% appointment in CAT1, 2, and 3 involves teaching two sections of 17 students each, with sections meeting once a week in CAT 1 and twice a week in CAT 2 and 3.

CAT 125: Public Rhetoric and Practical Communication
TAships for this course are available depending on student enrollment each quarter. As an upper-division course, it requires a particularly high level of teaching skill and experience in teaching writing.

CAT 125 teaches public rhetoric and practical communication, including oral presentation skills and writing both for print and online formats. TAs attend lecture and meet with students in sections of 17 students each to help them accomplish these tasks. They also meet intensively with students in office hours.