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Undergraduate Colleges Business Office


Strategic partners committed to providing superior business leadership to facilitate the unique missions and visions of the UC San Diego undergraduate colleges.



  • Conducting ourselves ethically and honestly
  • Applying principles of fairness, good faith and respect consistent with laws, regulations and University policies


  • Planning and managing resources responsibly
  • Being accountable for our work and to each other


  • Conscientiously striving for excellence in our work
  • Making it better than it is today


Big Picture Thinking

  • Understanding impact of our work/actions, interconnection within and across colleges
  • Managing the details while seeing the big picture
  • Understanding how we support the mission of the undergraduate colleges

Positive Work Environment

  • Owning “it”
  • Having fun, enjoying work, not taking ourselves too seriously
  • Succeeding as a team while excelling as individuals
  • Providing opportunities for individuals to realize their full potential
  • Maintaining a healthy work/life balance
  • Collaborating and developing collegial working relationships