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Warren College Writing Program



Staff Contact:, (858) 534-3068


The Warren College Writing Program is seeking to hire a small number of graduate students for 25% or 50% appointments for the 2024-2025 academic year.  

We are excited to recruit instructors with a passion for teaching undergraduates how to think critically, read complex sources, research and communicate for different audiences, purposes, and genres.  

Moreover, because of the program’s association with its namesake, former Chief Justice Earl Warren, we welcome applications from instructors that are passionate about teaching students how to engage in rigorous analytical conversations about contemporary and historical justice and ethics-related issues. 

Please see our website for recent course descriptions.  


Course Offerings: 

To satisfy their general education requirements, students must take two required, lower-division courses in the Warren Writing Program - WCWP 10A and WCWP 10B.  

Unlike some of the other college programs, there is no large lecture attached to our courses. All teaching is done in small seminars of 16 students.  

Seminars are structured as interactive discussion sections and writing workshops. Classes meet twice per week for 80 minutes each on either MW or TTH.  


Job Responsibilities and Program Support: 

TAs are responsible for designing lesson plans, facilitating discussions, leading workshops, and grading and assessing students.  

TAs are available for office hours (1 hr/week per course).  

The Program Directors provide resources to support TA labor. For example, the Program Directors develop and share all course materials (shared syllabus, shared learning outcomes for each course, shared writing prompts, grading and assessment materials, Canvas setup etc.).  

The Program Directors and staff provide weekly teaching resources and materials to support lesson planning, discussions, feedback to students, and grading criteria.   

Our goal is to foster a supportive teaching environment where pedagogical ideas and materials are shared, where instructors feel comfortable asking questions and seeking help, and where they have meaningful opportunities for professional development and job-preparedness. 


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