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Humanities Program

Revelle College



Staff Contact: Alexandra Vargas,

The Humanities Program is a five-course sequence required of all Revelle College undergraduates. The program is a core text curriculum that studies the Western intellectual tradition chronologically from its origins in the Ancient Mediterranean (Humanities 1) to its condition in the present (Humanities 5). Core text (or “great books”) curricula place the reading and study of texts at the center of their pedagogy. The Humanities Program is an interdisciplinary examination of history, philosophy, and literature.

The program does not require that TAs possess an expert knowledge of the texts or writing pedagogy; it does require that they possess a lively concern for individual students and their education, as well as an interest in core texts and persuasive writing.

During Fall quarter, TAs new to the Humanities Program will enroll in Humanities 200, a pedagogy seminar, and teach one discussion section of Humanities 1. During Winter and Spring quarters, they will teach two discussion sections per quarter, either in Humanities 1 or Humanities 2. Both courses include intensive writing instruction. TAs are responsible for planning and teaching their assigned discussion sections; attending all scheduled lectures and a weekly staff meeting; holding weekly office hours; and evaluating student writing, including essays and a final exam. Each discussion section in Humanities 1 and 2 enrolls 16 undergraduate students.

Returning TAs may be assigned to Humanities 1 - 3, or Humanities 3 - 5.

rev. 3/20/23