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Contact the UCBO

Phone: (858) 534-8389
Fax: (858) 534-9392
On Campus: Mandeville Center, #117 (MAP)

Mailing Address

Undergraduate Colleges Business Office
9500 Gilman Drive #0301
La Jolla, CA 92093-0301

Pamela Frugé

Pamela Frugé

Chief Administrative Officer

Phone: (858) 534-9491


  • Jinglin Li

    Jinglin Li

    Fiscal Operations Manager

    (858) 534-3494

    Ling handles budget and reports, Eventbrite, Shopify and Business Access

  • Rachel Harrington

    Rachel Harrington

    Fiscal Analyst

    (858) 534-8181

    Rachel handles Performance Agreements, Business Access as well as ERC (Provost, IHouse, & SERVES), Middle of Muir (RPM, CC, Budgets)

  • Michelle Abramson

    Michelle Abramson

    Fiscal Coordinator

    (858) 534-8405

    Michelle is responsible for Revelle, Warren, Seventh and ERC (MMW Writing Program, Academic Advising & Orientation)

  • Nazareth Velazco

    Nazareth Velazco

    Fiscal Coordinator

    (858) 534-8373

    Nazareth is responsible for Muir + Middle of Muir, Marshall, Sixth and ERC (Student Affairs - Deans Office & Res Life)

Human Resources

  • Sandra Dredla

    Sandra Dredla

    HR Operations Manager



  • Ben Salom

    Ben Salom

    HR-AP Analyst

    (858) 534-9024

    Ben handles Graduate Student Employees (Employment & HR inquiries) & Staff Employee (BW Staff Recruitment, FML's, & HR programs i.e staff volunteers, ERIT, and staff incentive programs

  • Janel Davenport

    Janel Davenport

    HR Coordinator

    Janel handles MUIR, Sixth, Seventh (BW Staff), UCBO (BW Staff) and is back-up HR Coordinator for Revelle, ERC & Seventh               

  • Lauren Browne

    Lauren Browne

    HR Coordinator

    (858) 534-8331

    Lauren handles Revelle, TMC, Seventh (MO STAFF), FYE, UCBO (STDTS)

    (back-up HR Coordinator - Warren, Muir & Seventh Students)

  • Nellie Lopez

    Nellie Lopez

    HR Coodinator

Administrative Operations

  • Vacant


    Colleges Operations Analyst


    (858) 534-1447

  • Victoria Morgan

    Victoria Morgan

    Executive Assistant to CAO and Council of Provost


  • Catharine Song

    Catharine Song

    Academic Personnel Analyst


    Supports : ERC, Seventh, Sixth and TMC/Public Service Program 

  • Ashian Nuristani

    Ashian Nuristani

    Academic Personnel Analyst

    Supports: Eighth, Muir/Enviornmental Studies Program, Revelle and Warren